Management Information System

Our systems range from single, stand-alone, Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet through to full data gathering systems delivering "Shop Floor to Top Floor" performance data and reports..

It is essential in today's tough world of commerce to drive up output while driving down costs. Using a bespoke MI System that delivers factual data, in easy to read reports on machine, line and factory performance, accurate informed decisions can be made as to which area to focus attention on to improve performance, drive up output and ensure costs are spent both correctly and wisely.

At CBM-Logix we have developed for many of our customers (including some leading Blue-Chip companies)systems designed using Microsoft® Excel with the extensive use of VBA Macros.

If you need data to be stored, reported on, shared, presented in a professional way but are not sure how this can be done... Talk to us. We have a vast experience of building systems from scratch. We can guide you through all the stages, from design through to implementation, including on-site training.